With you can easily track your flights without always having to carry your paper flight log book with you

Easy to use

The system was designed by the demands of pilots. We therefore concentrated on an intuitive design that satisfies all needs of a professional logbook

Manage all your logbooks within one place provides the possibility to have all of your different logbooks for your aircraft types in one place

Mobile Compatible has a 100%-responsive design, so that you can log your times wherever you are with your phone or tablet - even without installation

Detailed Reports

We help you to keep record of your flights so you don't need to carry your handwritten notes with you. We also provide detailed reports which meet the requirements of authorities

License Management

We help you to manage all of your licenses in one place, so you won't forget any expiry date anymore

Easy Import and Export lets you import existing flights easily, so you have all of your logbooks in one place. If you need your data printed you can export them as PDF or Excel

Frequently Ask Questions

Get instant answers for the most common questions

What is is your professional logbook in the cloud. You can easily log all your flights on the go so you don't have to carry all your notes with you all the time. It was designed by pilots for pilots.

Can I import flights from my existing flightbook?

Yes, you can easily import your existing flightbook. You will see a "import flights"-button at the dashboard. The button will link you to a new page where you can upload your existing logbook as a csv-file 1 and where you will also find further instructions for the import.
If you are already using a digital logbook you can send us your file and we will import it for you.
1 A csv-file can be created with microsoft excel or other spreadsheet programs. If you need help with importing your data please don't hesitate to contact our support!

How can I create a pdf

You can create a pdf from all your flights. Go to "Flights" and click on "Aeroplane" and then on "Download PDF". There you can choos between several options.
Additional you can upload your image signature to automatically sign each page. After the pdf is created for you, you can download it or you can use our new epaper-reader.
You can also add a signature to each flight individually. After that it is impossible for you to change that entry.

What types of aircraft do you support?

We support all kind of different aircraft-types:
Aeroplane, Glider, Gyrocopter, Helicopter, Ultralight.

How can I export my flights?

You can export you logbook with our report generator as PDF.
Additionally you can get a csv-file1 with all your records.
You can add your handwritten signature to each page. Therefore you have to upload an image with your signature.
1The csv-file can be opened and modified with spreadsheet-programs, p.ex. Microsoft Excel.

Where are my data stored?

Your data will be stored on a secure server in Germany. The data is mirrored on a daily base to several other datacenters to provide maximum reliability.
Data protection is our highest priority.
You remain the owner of your data and we will keep your data confidental and we won't sell it or give it away.

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